PUBG Rank System Beta Now Live, Earn Your Place Among Eight Rank Tiers

PUBG Rank System Beta Now Live, Earn Your Place Among Eight Rank Tiers

The PUBG rank system beta is now live on PC and will require players to finish ten provisional matches before they can rank up to Grandmaster.

Ranked Seasons have been added to PUBG in the rank system beta which is now live on PC.

Each season you will be able to earn rewards based on the highest rank achieved during that season. Each season begins with ten provisional matches that determine your rank placement at the beginning. RP is the key to ranking up and is given out based on your performance in each match (placement, damage done, health recovered, etc).

There are eight tiers of ranks, from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master, and Grandmaster at the top. Only 100 players can achieve the Grandmaster rank, so you will need to be the best out of the millions of other PUBG players out there. Rank is dependent on your queue type, so solo play will not affect your squad rank. The perspective of each queue is also separated, so first person matches and third person matches will also be tracked separately.

Each season sees a soft reboot of your rank and will require you to replay the ten provisional matches to begin again. This rank system beta will last about two months long and will determine how future seasons will play out.

A rough example of how RP is determined can be found below:

  • A Diamond player who wins a game with 8 kills would earn around 30 RP
  • A Diamond player who wins a game with 1 kill would earn around 20 RP
  • A Diamond player who ends a game in 100th place with 0 kills would lose around 20 RP

This new rank system will not affect the MMR system. The MMR still determines who you fight against in matches, and due to the size of PUBG matches will be necessary to fill up games where not everyone has a similar rank but do have a similar MMR.

You can check out the explanation of the rank system in the video below, as well as check out what the rank system will look like in PUBG’s UI in the image gallery.