PUBG Season 7 Brings Back Vikendi With Some New Treats

PUBG Season 7 kicks off April 21 on PC and April 28 on consoles. It brings back the Vikendi map but adds a few new wrinkles to the island.

April 14, 2020

PUBG‘s seventh season is on the verge of launching. After teasing fans last week with a Jurassic Park-inspired trailer for Dinoland, PUBG Corporation has officially announced that Vikendi is coming back for season 7, but there have been a few changes. Alongside the map changes, players will be able to unlock new content through the Survivor Pass: Cold Front. Give it all a look below.

Maybe the most notable change coming to Vikendi is the new train system. We’ve seen what adding a train to a battle royale map does in Apex Legends. The increased mobility makes for some increasingly wacky hijinks. So, it makes sense that they’re bringing a similar thing to PUBG. It’s a great tool for both offensive sneak attacks and defensive measures. Interestingly, this is a full train system. Meaning there are multiple different train routes and even unique engine/car configurations on each line. Your mastery of the train will likely be a major barometer for your success on Vikendi.


The Cold Front Survivor Pass seems like a solid way to unlock content. Battle passes like these aren’t anything new, but PUBG Corp is teasing that you’ll learn the story of the island as you move through the battle pass. Obviously, most games like PUBG are a bit light on the story front; however, seeing them embrace it is pretty cool. It’ll be a fun treat to see all the mishaps that led to the supposed vacation paradise becoming a wasteland of a battlefield.

PUBG Season 7 kicks off on April 21 for PC. Consoles will get the update a week later on April 28. If you want to hop in early and see the map for yourself, the PC Test Server opens today. Get out there and show those dinos you mean business.


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