PUBG: How Long Will Servers Be Down? Server Downtime Schedule for Update 11.1 (April 7)

Here's everything you need to know about the new 11.1 console update!

A brand new update is set to go live for PUBG on consoles on April 7, but how long will the server downtime last? Here’s everything we know about the latest PUBG 11.1 Update, including when the servers will be back online.

If you haven’t checked it out already, there’s brand new arcade mini game in PUBG that was added for April Fool’s day. You can play it right now for a limited time, check out the trailer for the new mode in the tweet below.

PUBG Console Update 11.1 – Server Downtime Schedule

According to the official PUBG Support Twitter Account, the downtime schedule for the latest PUBG 11.1 Console Update will be:

Downtime Start Time

April 7 – 9PM PDT
April 8 – 12AM EDT
April 8 – 5AM BST
April 8 – 6AM CEST

Downtime Duration

Servers will be offline for 6 hours.

Downtime End Time

April 8 – 3AM PDT
April 8 – 6AM EDT
April 8 – 11AM BST
April 8 – 12PM CEST

PUBG Console Update 11.1 – Patch Download Size

It has been reported by PUBG Support that the download for the latest console patch is a total of 8GBs.

This is however only on PlayStation 4, any other console may vary in size slightly.

PUBG Console Update 11.1 – Patch Notes

The description from the official PUBG Website for Console Update 11.1 is as followed:

“Drop back into the highlands of Paramo with updated terrain and new game modes available. While there, you can try out the latest weapon balance updates that include damage increases for the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L.

You can also work on the 10 new Mastery Medals added to bling up your revamped PUBG ID. On larger maps, deploy the new Emergency Pickup to grab a quick transport over to the safe zone for you and your squad. 11.1 also features Killfeed updates, new ways to find and add friends, a new Match Log, and more.”

There’s a lot of bug fixes in the latest update, but there’s also a lot of new content for players to get their hands on. New skins and items will be released throughout the month of April, which you can find listed below:

  • April Skins – Hippie
    • Sales Period
      • 14 April 2021 2 PM KST – 13 April 2022 2 PM KST
      • 13 April 2021 10 PM PDT – 12 April 2022 10 PM PDT
      • 14 April 2021년 7 AM CEST – 13 April 2022 7 AM CEST
  • Items
    • 4 Sets
        • Groovy Glasses
        • Groovy Bandana
        • Groovy Gown
        • Groovy Boots
        • Hip Haltertop
        • Hip Bellbottoms
        • Hip Sandals
        • One Love Beanie
        • One Love Shirt
        • One Love Pants
        • One Love Shoes
        • Far Out Sunglasses
        • Far Out Shirt
        • Far Out Bellbottoms
        • Far Out Slippers
    • 2 Vehicles
      • “High Flyin’” Motor Glider
      • “Hippie Soul” Aquarail
    • 2 Emotes
      • Victory Dance 46
      • Victory Dance 47
  • Weapon Skin – Gold/Silver Beryl
  • Sales Period21 April 2 PM KST – 2 June 2 PM KST
    • 20 April 10 PM PDT – 1 June 10 PM PDT
    • 21 April 7 AM CEST – 2 June 7 AM CEST
  • Items
    • 1 Set
      • Gold Plate – Beryl M762
      • Silver Plate – Beryl M762
  • Item patterns on the Corgi Crew Skins have been adjusted due to texture issues.

You can find the full patch notes and server downtime scheduled for the PUBG update on April 7 at the link below:

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