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PUBG Update 15.2 Free-to-Play Patch Notes for January 12

You can now use a drone in PUBG!

January 12, 2022

PUBG Update 15.2 should be live in a few hours, after downloading which the game will be available for free for all the players across all platforms!

This is the day! Everyone can now play PUBG without having to pay anything. A direct competitor to Fortnite just arrives today on major platforms as the huge server transition and maintenance for PUBG concludes.

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With PUBG going free-to-play, there is a new update to download, and it brings some significant new features such as a new training mode, some weapon balances, a few tactical gears, and lots of improvements. Check out the patch notes down below:

PUBG: NEW STATE | Official Launch Trailer

PUBG: NEW STATE | Official Launch Trailer

PUBG Update 15.2 Free to Play Patch Notes

New Feature: Tactical Drone

The Drone is a Tactical Gear that allows players to scout a far distance safely and even pick up an item without facing the risk of direct combat.

  • Drones will spawn in every map.
  • Drones will be available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode, and Sandbox Mode.
  • Once players loot and equip the drone, they can hold the Drone Tablet in their hands.
  • Players can then toggle in and out of Drone View.
    • The Drone will launch into the air once players toggle into Drone View.
    • A Drone in flight will make noise and have a distinctive blinking light.
    • A deployed Drone will be identifiable by a unique drone icon both on the map and minimap.
    • In Drone View, players’ characters will stop moving and give up control of their body as they fly around in the perspective of the Drone.
    • If players toggle out of Drone View, the Drone will remain hovering in its current position.
  • Players can recall a Drone in flight.
    • When a recall is initiated, the Drone will attempt to fly back in a straight line to the spot the player recalled it.
    • The Drone will fly back to the location the player first recalled it.
    • When the recall is in progress, the recall will be stopped if the player attempts to use the Drone Tablet.
    • When the recall is in progress, the recall will be stopped if the player uses the recall feature again.
    • The Drone can not avoid obstacles or move through solid objects while being recalled.
  • The Drone has a large 300m operation radius that players must stay in while flying the Drone.
    • The Drone alerts players with a warning message and a static screen when it’s within 90m of its maximum operation radius.
    • If the Drone leaves its operation radius, it will get destroyed and players will need to retrieve it and repair the Drone to use it again.
  • The Drone has a maximum HP of 35 and can take damage from various things.
    • A Drone can be damaged by
      • Gunfire
      • Explosions
      • Fire
      • Water
      • Flying outside of the operation radius
      • Vehicle collision
    • When the Drone’s HP reaches 0, it will fall to the ground and get destroyed. Players must retrieve the Drone and repair it to use it again.
  • A Drone can loot a single item to its single inventory slot.
    • For example, a stack of bandages (5) is also considered a single item.
    • Drones can not pick up items from Care Packages, deathboxes, and trunks.
    • Players in Drone View are also able to drop the held item any time.
    • Players can receive the Drone’s held item by recalling the Drone.
  • Players will be able to ping normally while toggled in Drone View.
    • The ping icon will be displayed as a regular ping.+

New Feature: EMT Tactical Gear

The EMT Gear is a Tactical Gear that allows players to opt into increased healing potential for both themselves and their team at the cost of reduced combat flexibility.

  • The EMT Gear will spawn in every map.
    • 2 stacks of bandages (10) will spawn alongside the EMT Gear.
  • The EMT Gear will be available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode, and Sandbox Mode.
  • Players will receive numerous passive benefits with the EMT Gear, regardless of if they’re holding it or have it stowed away.
    • It will only take 3 seconds to use healing items such as bandages, First Aid Kits, and Med Kits.
    • It will only take 3 seconds to revive a knocked down teammate.
    • Players can walk much faster when using healing items than when normally using healing items.
    • Bandages and First Aid Kits can heal players to max health.
    • Med Kits will give full boost to players.
  • Players with the EMT Gear equipped will gain an ability to interact with damaged teammates.
    • Players can spend one of their own healing items on their teammate. 
    • Players can toggle between different healing items on the bottom screen where a weapon’s fire mode would normally be displayed.
      • The display would also show the number of the selected heal item that the player has in their inventory.
  • The EMT Gear will NOT grant the following boosts when used in the Blue Zone:
    • Healing boosts (teammates can still be healed)
    • Shortened revival time

New Mode: Tutorial

  • Basic Training Mode:
    • Players will go through five stages in this mode:
      • Basic character movements
      • Looting and shooting guns
      • Looting and throwing throwables
      • Using healing items
      • Reviving knocked down teammate
    • New and returning players must complete this mode first to proceed to the next AI Training Match tutorial.
    • Current players who feel the need to practice are also free to access this mode in the Training tab.
  • AI Training Match:
    • Players will be facing 99 bots in this mock game mode to grasp the flow of how an actual normal match would look and feel like.
    • Map: Erangel
    • Only supports TPP.
    • During each situation and phase, messages will pop up in the upper left corner of the screen to guide players on what to do.
    • Players can complete this mode by satisfying one of the following conditions:
      • Play 10 AI Training Matches (Players must play longer than a certain time each match to be counted.)
      • Complete every mission
        • Players can find the mission list in the game mode selection screen and/or in the System Menu.
    • Current players may also play up to 10 AI Training Matches per account.
      • Since PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS provides the fun of coming up with strategies to use against real enemies in a battle royale setting, we believe the 10 match limit in AI Training Matches is just enough for players who need the practice.
    • New and returning players who complete this mode before playing all 10 matches will still be able to play the remaining matches left.
    • AI Training Matches will NOT affect/provide:
      • Career (Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays)
      • Pass Missions
      • Event Missions
      • Battlestat
      • BP Rewards
      • XP Rewards
      • Custom Match
  • Lobby Tutorial Missions:
    • We have prepared extra missions to help players get used to our game once they are done with the two tutorials.
    • Players can check the Events page to see their mission lists and each mission’s progress.
    • All missions will be automatically accepted.
    • Players who complete the missions will be able to receive various rewards.
      • Once players receive every reward, the mission list will disappear.
    • Lobby tutorial missions and their rewards are only provided once per account.
  • Practice Range:
    • Players can enter this private area through the indoor range door.
    • Even if multiple players enter simultaneously, players will end up arriving at their own training domain alone – like magic.
    • Once inside, players can use the buttons in front of the shooting target to adjust the target’s distance or to reset its state.
    • Two monitors will be available on the left for further assistance: the lower monitor will display a close-up of your shots while the upper monitor will present your scores.
      • The left side of the scores is the number of bullets that hit the target; the right side is the percentage of your bullets landing within the target’s circle.
    • The score will not calculate the shots that miss the target.
  • Background Noise Reduction:
    • This feature will reduce the noise of other players such as gun shots, movements, vehicles, and more.
    • This feature is enabled automatically and players will not be able to turn it off.
    • This feature will not reduce every background noise as we have set our priority to reducing the main noises that bother other players. However, we will continue to improve this feature.

Action Queuing

With the Action Queue feature, players can queue up their next desired action by pressing and holding the button while a certain action is in progress. The action will immediately perform after the action in progress ends.

  • Action Queuing is added to shooting, inventory navigating, various moving actions and etc. 
  • The action bound to the key held will activate after queuing.
  • This feature is turned off as default. Please turn on from the Settings.Go to Settings – Game Play – Functionalities to turn on/off the feature.


  • Win94:
    • Players can switch between the scopes and iron sights with the help of a functional flip sight.
    • The Win94 will continue to have no sight attachment slot as the Iron Sight is attached by default.
  • VSS:
    • Now you can attach a Canted Sight on the VSS.

DBNO Balance

  • Extended entering the DBNO time.
    • Lengthen the ‘going into DBNO’ animation time which would increase the invulnerability time from 1 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Tweaked the DBNO bleed out time.
    • 1st knock: 83 seconds → 90 seconds
    • 2nd knock: 25 seconds → 30 seconds
    • 3rd knock: 13 seconds → 30 seconds
    • 4th knock: 9 seconds → 10 seconds
    • 5th knock: 7 seconds → 7 seconds(no changes)
    • 6th knock: 5 seconds(new)
    • 7th knock: 4 seconds(new)
    • 8th knock: 3 seconds(new)
    • 9th knock: 2 seconds(new)
  • Increased DBNO movement by 10%.
    • Movement speed while DBNO underwater remains the same. 
  • Reduced the Frag Grenade damage when in DBNO by 20%.
  • DThe damage received while wearing level 3 armor is now applied in all conditions, including when not wearing anything.
  • SR guns and crossbows, including Win94, are not affected by the DBNO balance, and damage has been increased.
    • SR: 35% increase
    • Crossbow: 12.5% increase
    • SR and Crossbows apply damage by armor conditions.
  • There are no changes in damage received from weapons not mentioned above.

QOL: Screen Ping Marker

  • Available in all Solo, Duo and Squad Modes.
  • Not available in Ranked and Esports Modes.
  • Point your crosshair where you want to ping and click the mouse wheel, click on the world map or press the insert button.
    • Xbox/Stadia: R Stick
    • PlayStation: R3
  • Ping markers are distinguishable by the following three categories.
    • Vehicles
    • Location
    • Everything else
  • One player can place one Ping Marker at a time.
  • Previous Ping Marker is removed when placing a new Ping Marker.
  • Previous Ping Marker is removed when creating a tactical marker.
  • Press the Delete key to remove both Screen and Map Ping Markers at the same time.
    • When you remove pings with the Delete button after placing them with Radio Message, the Radio Message will remain.
    • This feature is not supported on Consoles. 

QOL: Minimap Improvements

  • We have applied the same quality of curves in the map to the mini-map. In addition, the bridges are displayed in the same way as the roads.

Lobby Updates

  • Lobby Menu
    • The navigation bar has been moved from the left to the very center to minimize players’ movements when moving between the menus and tabs.
    • The area for fixed menus and irregular menus (such as Esports) have been divided up.
    • The currency area (G-COIN, BP, etc.) have been banished from the navigation bar as they couldn’t coexist with the lobby menus.
  • Matchmaking Settings
    • Players will no longer have to waste time opening up a pop-up just to change the game mode. They can now select game modes in the lobby.
    • However, players will still be able to change game modes through the current pop-up system – when they do, details on the selected map will now be available as well.
  • News Page/Patch Notes Area
    • The upper right corner of the lobby has a new popover feature that shows News previews.
    • Numerous layouts have been applied so they could shift accordingly to fit and show the increasing amount of new community and events news.
    • A button that directs players to social channels or community sites has been added.
    • Players can now read the Patch Notes in the lobby.
      • As for console players, they will be directed to the Patch Notes on the official website.
      • Multiple languages have been added to specific languages.
  • The main lobby has been updated to a new theme of an inside of a plane in flight.
  • A new background music has been applied.
    • Players may change the background music in the Settings.
  • This lobby theme will not be applied to other lobbies such as Ranked, etc.


  • Indication of the number of new items in each category on the left side of ITEMS for five days. 
    • Notification marker does not go away even after checking out the new item.
  • The icon displayed in the set item slot has been improved so that it displays the same as the actual icon of the component.
  • Item slot will change colors when there is less than a week left and then highlighted when there is less than 24 hours of time left before the sale ends. 

Match History Improvements

  • Improved Match Report
    • Removed the Survivor Tab.
    • The acquired Survival Mastery XP will be displayed in four different categories. 
      • Total XP
      • Combat, survival, item loot, item use.


  • Polymers are sold in the Scrap Broker.
  • Progressive Weapon Skin level display is improved.
  • Preview page received more lighting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of characters moving awkwardly after looking at their feet after using a boost or healing item in a prone stance.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of players unable to use the Ctrl + V key in-game.
  • Fixed the issue of characters moving awkwardly after looking at their feet after using a boost or healing item in a prone stance.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of players unable to use the Ctrl + V key in-game.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of Ranked Match Safe Zones of Phase 4 and Phase 8 being set in the water.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of the Porter turning black when moving under a shadowy area.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of the Sandbox mode setting being turned to Off when a Partner account creates custom matches.
  • Fixed the issue of the character moving awkwardly after switching to primary weapon right after using a throwable item.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of crashes occurring when spectating players with animated nameplates equipped.
  • Fixed the issue of guns’ ammo reverting to its default number of loaded ammo when replacing an attached Extended Mag to an Ext.QuickDraw Mag.
  • Fixed the issue of the Blue Zone animation in Taego’s Comeback Arena looking awkwardly disrupted when the Play Area gets restricted.
  • Fixed the issue of the character maintaining the stance of holding a gun even after dropping a weapon in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue of players being able to loot items from the Secret Room while using vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue of a player’s ADS mode shaking severely after using a throwable item and crouching and standing repeatedly.
  • PC Only: Fixed the issue of the gun barrel of PGC 2021 Contingent Chaos – Beryl M762 shaking awkwardly when used.
  • Fixed the issue of C4s and BZ Grenades included in the care packages in Taego’s Ranked Matches.
  • General bugs such as collision issues, texture issues, performance issues, etc have been fixed in Miramar.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when a male character equips the Mazarin1k’s Hoodie with Utility Belt.
  • Fixed the issue of the shoes’ accessory vanishing when a female character equips the Pom Pom Slips.
  • Fixed the issue of the texture of the “Baby Bear” Sleep Mask getting distorted when a character uses the APEACH’s Heart Ceremony emote with the item equipped.
  • Fixed the issue of the character’s hands turning transparent when equipping the Luna Piena Dress with the Jeremy Lin Jacket.
  • Fixed the issue of the armpit area of the character with the APEACH’S Nightie equipped getting stretched when using emotes that make the character’s arms go up.
  • Fixed the issue of the model representation data (level of detail) missing from Hairstyle 27.

PUBG is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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