Newest PUBG Update Adds Training Mode, Rewards System

Newest PUBG Update Adds Training Mode, Rewards System

The newest update to the PC version of PUBG adds a new weapon, a new attachment, a largely requested training mode, and a rewards system.

PUBG is still enjoying a steady stream of updates after reaching version 1.0, and Update 21 promises even more. The biggest addition to the battle royale game is a new training mode, a highly-requested feature from players.

Training Mode will take place on a map that measures 2×2, where up to 20 players can practice any aspect of PUBG’s gameplay. Practice shooting, driving, and parachuting for up to 30 minutes. In addition to Training Mode, PUBG will also add a “Supply System,” which will supply players with rewards from completing daily and weekly missions, along with just playing the game.

Other additions include a new assault rifle, the MK47 Mutant. Available on all maps, this AR has both a single shot firing mode and a 2-round burst mode. The shooter is also adding a laser sight attachment, which reduces bullet spread when weapons are fired from the hip or by soft-aiming.

The update comes with a whole laundry list of changes, from UI adjustments to bug fixes. Update 21 is available on PUBG for PC starting today—see some of these new additions in action through the clips below.