PUBG on Xbox One Hits Four Million Players; Free Loot Boxes Coming to Players in February

Xbox One gamers, rejoice! PUBG has hit 4 million players on the console and PUBG Corp. has decided to bring players into the celebration with free loot boxes.

on January 26, 2018 12:20 PM

Today it was announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has hit four million players on Xbox One. To celebrate, PUBG Corp. is giving away tons of in-game currency to Xbox One players for loot crates.

Xbox One players will be receiving 30,000 Battle Points to use on in-game cosmetic items. The catch is that you must have purchased the game and created a character by 12 AM PT/3 AM ET on January 31 in order to get the bonus BP. The battle points themselves will hit players’ cache/accounts on February 1.

30,000 BP actually turns out to equal a substantial number of loot crates, which would equal about nine crates if you bought them all at once). PUBG‘s crates get more expensive if you buy a certain number of them in a week (starting at 700 BP and going up to 7,000 BP in a week), so it would actually be best to spread your purchases out over several weeks to maximize your gain. So, if you’re planning on hopping in before January 31 to take advantage of this, don’t blow it all at once!

In other PUBG news, the developers are taking part in a number of charity events this year. Notably, they’re teaming up with Extra Life to raise $300,000 for a charity marathon coming soon. PUBG Corp. has also recently updated their test servers to perform better in high traffic situations on Steam.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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