PUBG’s War Mode Weekend Event Shuttered After Server Load Woes

PUBG’s War Mode Weekend Event Shuttered After Server Load Woes

After being released as the new weekend event, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds pulled the new War Mode due to server issues.

Only a day into the Weekend Special Event, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds new War Mode had been taken down the following day after being the cause to the game’s server instability.

For those out of the loop, the new gameplay in War Mode over the weekend event would have offered players a fresh take on PvP action with team deathmatch rules, respawning included. The rules behind the event were simple: earn 200 points before the other team does through killing anybody on the opposite team. Unfortunately, War Mode was taken down after PUBG Corp. discovered that the weekend event was the cause of their server problems. Servers were shut down for around an hour, and PUBG was up and running again with War Mode disabled.

The company soon posted on Twitter after discovering the cause of their server issues. They stated:

PC Players: The emergency maintenance is now complete. Unfortunately, we’ve had to prematurely end this week’s event mode, as it was found to be the cause of recent server instability. Our engineers are working hard to ensure this problem doesn’t occur in the future.

This isn’t the only thing that has been pulled from PUBG recently. We also reported on player-to-player transactions being disabled, but the PUBG Corp. has yet to state when that function will be up and running again.

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