Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram Gets Brand New Screenshots and Gameplay Info

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram Gets Brand New Screenshots and Gameplay Info

More information has been revealed for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram, the PS Vita title that is based off the first two movies and meant to be enjoyed with the third one, Rebellion (you can read up on that here). which includes screenshots and gameplay mechanics, as well as information of Witches the magical girls will be fighting as boss battles.

In the game, the magical girls can use both physical attacks and magic when in battle. Triangle button is for the basic attack and you can chain together a combo by timing the button presses. Attack right after a dash to knock back the enemy and then launch them in the air after a successful dash attack.

In order to use magic, you must use the triangle button along with the left analog stick. While jumping, hit the analog stick and Triangle button to use a powerful Aerial magic spell, which consumes a little MP.

Special Magic is even stronger than aerial magic and uses MP. You can pull it off by pressing the Square button while hit the analog stick left or right. Each Special Magic spell has different range and attack power. It’s important to conserve this ability because it cannot be used until the Special Magic gauge is filled.

Combination Magic is magic used in conjunction with two magical girls. The effect range is much larger and the attack is very strong. As you increase the bond value of each girl by participating in missions and taking part in events during the day, you’ll be able to learn more combinations.

Madoka (23)

Here are the attacks and specials for each magical girl:

Madoka Kaname:

  • Attack (△ combo) : Bow Wielding
  • Dash Attack ( dash in △): Hip Attack
  • Attack Step (step in △): Roundhouse Kick
  • Magic Attack (analog stick + △): Spread Arrow
  • Aerial Magic : (up + △ in the air) Forward Air Attack
  • Aerial Magic: (down + △ in the air) Pratfall

Special Magic (□):
● Fires a homing arrow at high speed toward the enemy.
● Throws a decoy picture at the enemy, which distracts them.

Homura Akemi:

Attack (△ combo): Beretta M92FS
Dash Attack (dash in △): High Kick
Attack Step (step in △): Anti-Aircraft Gun
Magic Attack (analog stick + △): Machine Gun Shooting Spree
Aerial Magic: (up + △ in the air) Fourth Rhyme Hazards
Aerial Magic: (down + △ in the air) Trample

Special Magic (□):
● Time Stop. At higher levels, the ability lasts longer.
● Fires an AT-4 rocket launcher.

Mami Tomoe:

Attack (△ combo): Short-Range Musket
Dash Attack (dash in △): Roundhouse Kick
Attack Step (step in △): Moonsault Kick
Magic Attack (analog stick + △): Musket Shooting Spree
Aerial Magic (up + △ in the air): Air Regale
Aerial Magic (down + △ in the air): Beautiful Golden Legs

Special Magic (□):
● A ranged attack that summons a barrage of guns.
● The powerful Tiro Finale, which is a super strong blow.

Sayaka Miki:

Attack (△ combo): Kengeki
Dash Attack (dash in △): High Kick
Attack Step (step in △): Rounded Up Kengeki
Magic Attack (analog stick + △): Sword Rotation
Aerial Magic (up + △ in the air): Air Stinger
Aerial Magic (down + △ in the air): Spark Edge

Special Magic (□):
● Her sword pressure creates a typhoon.
● She unleashes a Rhapsody of anger but cannot move for a period of time after the attack.

Kyoko Sakura:

Attack (△ combo): Forward Thrust
Dash Attack (dash in △): Roundhouse Kick
Attack Step (step in △): Up Thrust
Magic Attack (direction key + △): Iron Crush
Aerial Magic: (up + △ in the air) Strike Collision
Aerial Magic: (down + △ in the air) Hammer

Special Magic (□):
● Her and a clone simultaneously attacks.
● Summons Final Judgment, a huge spear that burns enemies in flames.

Madoka (1)

There have also been two revealed Witches. One of them is known as the Witch of Art, who is in the shape of a large gate. Her familiars are reminiscent of paintings and one of her attacks involves tossing paint from a long-range. At close range, she’ll use her body to attack the girls and one move draws the girls to the center of the gate and then crushes them with her weight.

Another boss is the Witch of the Monitor, which resembles a PC monitor with black wings protruding from the sides. Since she is an agile flyer, long-range attacks work best. One of her attacks is an energy beam fired from the monitor and the second is a high speed rush attack. It’s important to keep this Witch in your sights at all times.

There’s also a really lovely limited edition version set of the game that includes a beautifully decorated gold-leaf box sleeve, a Witch Charlotte cellphone cleaner, special animation cells, product codes for bonus outfits, an original soundtrack and a drama CD called “Time Traveler Homura.”

Check out the massive gallery of the game below to see the different attacks and other gameplay mechanics.