The Puma Active Gaming Footwear is a Gaming Sock for Gamers

The Puma Active Gaming Footwear is a Gaming Sock for Gamers

Cold feet? Not anymore.

Puma, well known for its sporty footwear and clothing has revealed a sock for gaming. It’s something that’s a touch different from what we usually cover when it comes to stinky feet. Usually, we bring to light some gaming-themed sneakers, but today we’re getting deeper into the heart and sole of the footwear…area with the Active Gaming Footwear.

The new sock is titled, Active Gaming Footwear but is described as a “gaming sock”. This is apparently the first edition which has been designed with console gamers in mind, for both indoor and in-arena use. The mention of in-arena use suggests that this is potentially targeted at eSports players as well as gamers at home.

According to Puma, these socks deliver comfort, support, and grip so that the wearer can adapt to the many different active gaming modes. These socks are designed to help gamers game their best apparently. It goes on to detail features which at first seem weird. If you’re wanting to…activate your socks you can have them in SEEK mode, which is a “Medial wrap-up grip.” ATTACK mode has “Lateral wrap-up support” and CRUISE and DEFENSE mode has “Heel wrap-up stability.”

After some research, I found exactly what these features mean. The tweet embedded below seems to specify that they’re in relation to specific seating arrangements from when the Puma Playseat gaming chair was revealed. Interestingly, the socks were on display in those promotional images.

The socks come with TPU skin added support and engineered knitted upper for comfort and breathability so your feet don’t get sweaty and smell so bad I suppose. The outsole is made from rubber and helps for grip with this “custom last sock-like fit” with two densities of foam insole.