Experience Every Dog Lover’s Dream With Pupperazzi: the Dog Spotting Video Game

Experience Every Dog Lover’s Dream With Pupperazzi: the Dog Spotting Video Game

Pupperazzi: the Dog Spotting Video Game, the game about spotting dogs and taking pictures of them, is coming to Steam later this year.

Sundae Month, the developers behind the quirky Dad Quest and Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, has announced a new game for Steam — Pupperazzi: the Dog Spotting Video Game. As the title so helpfully conveys, the objective behind this game is to take pictures of as many dogs as you can while balancing your paparazzi job.

According to the Steam page’s synopsis:

Snap photos of dogs while maintaining your social media presence. Will you hound celebrities in public, or would you rather be taken seriously as an artist? Perhaps you just want to show your friends the cute dog you saw while you were out. It’s your choice which direction your career goes, don’t screw up!

Dodge between people and obstacles as you try to capture canine beauty on everlasting digital photos. Double jump across buildings to get that lucrative shot of a local dog celebrity just trying to live their life. Slow motion zooming helps capture mid-air moments that actually make you feel something.

When you finally give up your dreams of a stable life as a photographer, commiserate with other amateurs through local multiplayer dog-spotting competitions.

You can also check out this adorable trailer on the official Twitter account, featuring tons of cute puppers just waiting to have their pictures taken:


Check out the gallery as well, which is (you guessed it!) filled with even more cute doggies. Pupperazzi: the Dog Spotting Video Game will be released later this year for Steam.

Some previous titles from the studio include Dad Quest, about a dad who must care for his little boy or girl. To do this, he will use them like a weapon, give them toys to boost their stats, upgrade them via an RPG mechanic, and figure out the secret of Dad Island. Their other title, Diary of a Spaceport Janitor, has you play as a janitor who is tasked with picking up and burning trash in the exotic port of Xabran’s Rock.