Puzzle Game GNOG Now Available on PS4; Receives New Launch Trailer

The colorful puzzle adventure game GNOG is currently available on PS4. Additionally, a new launch trailer for the game has also been released.

GNOG, the colorful puzzle adventure game from KO_OP and Double Fine is now available on PS4. The game features PSVR support and is scheduled to release on PC via Steam and iOS devices later this year. Alongside the game’s release, we also received a new launch trailer, which can be seen below.

Saleem Dabbous, Co-Founder and Studio Director of KO_OP had this to say regarding the games launch:

GNOG was inspired by some of our favorite childhood toys. We wanted it to be a game that elicited a sense of wonder and experimentation that was unobstructed by rigid rules and time limits. GNOG allows players to explore at their own pace and solve puzzles for the pure purpose of amusement at every turn, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with everyone today.”

If this is your first time hearing about GNOG, here is a brief description of the game and its features:

GNOG is a wondrous journey through a universe of playfully interactive monster heads. Explore a myriad of unique interconnected heads and the worlds they carry within, as you try to decipher each one’s quirks and advance to the next. Interact with the outside to change the inside and vice versa to reveal the exit!

GNOG is the brainchild of illustrator and toy enthusiast Samuel Boucher. Originally conceiving a 2D puzzle game, Sam teamed up with Montreal’s KO-OP collective, and began full-time work experimenting with wild ideas and puzzles. Since collaborating, the game has morphed into a 3D puzzle adventure, where each head contains a unique universe with its own set of rules and puzzles inside of it. Combining natural, physically-based controls with dynamic soundscapes and a mysterious narrative, GNOG is the synthesis of stunning art direction and joyful interaction design. GNOG is funded through the Sony PubFund Program and is supported by Double Fine Productions.

  • Each Gnoggin is a unique and fully realized micro world of puzzles
  • A beautifully twisted style that keeps you wanting to play to find out what the next Gnoggin will look like
  • Puzzles ranging from spatial Rubik’s Cube mind benders all the way to time manipulation
  • Worms

GNOG is currently available on PS4 for $14.99. The game is also scheduled to release on PC via Steam and iOS devices later this year.

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