Puzzle Platformer “The Swapper” Swapping Onto PlayStation Consoles This May

Puzzle Platformer “The Swapper” Swapping Onto PlayStation Consoles This May

You may remember that a few weeks ago Curve Studios teased the impending released of up to four titles to PlayStation consoles this year; you may also remember nearly a year ago the reveal of a creepy new PC puzzle platformer by FacePalm Games called The Swapper. See where I’m going with this?

Curve Studios have announced today the release of The Swapper onto PlayStation platforms, including the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, all due sometime in May. For those of you whom (like me) have yet to play the game, it follows your protagonist in the long abandoned but self-sustaining Theseus station outpost, where you come along a device called the Swapper. This device can clone the user and transfer their consciousness between different bodies, which means the protagonist will be using his own dead cloned bodies to get over obstacles and out of danger. Back in 2013 FacePalm promised a mind-bending story based on the implications of the game’s mechanics, and a mystery surrounding the abandoned station. Based off of its PC Metacritic scores, the game must have done well, garnering an 87 from critics and 88 from users.


For more on the game, check out the new screenshots below in the gallery; to newcomers a closer look at the game and what to expect in the upcoming PlayStation release, I’ve also included the PC trailer of the game, which can also be view below.

Source: PlayStation Blog