Puzzle Quest 2 Hits App Store

Just in time for the Holidays, Namco is bringing a couple more games to the App Store for the iOS systems that might just grab your attention. The first and biggest of the group is Puzzle Quest 2, the wonderful Puzzle/RPG game that hit XBLA, PC and DS earlier this year. In addition there’s Letter Labyrinth, an anagram puzzle game, and Bit.Trip.Beat Blitz which is essentially a “try before you buy” version of the full game but which also serves as a stand alone game on it’s own. The game features different power-ups and improved access to the Micro levels which make “pick up and play” easier as fans have been requesting.

Puzzle Quest 2 is a wonderful game and Bit.Trip.Beat Blitz sounds VERY interesting, make sure to pick up any of these which grab your interest right away!

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John Colaw

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