Pyrrah, Daughter of My Favorite Character, is Confirmed for Soul Calibur V

It’s an amazing thing when you’ve played a game since the very first iteration and followed the story throughout the entire series. For example, when a character you’ve always loved has a child in one game and a few games later the child has gotten older and is playable. This will be the case with Pyrrah, the daughter of Sophitia , in Soul Calibur V. Series fans have watched Sophitia put her life on the line time and time again to defend her children and now they get the chance to return the favor. Gaming is glorious.

Director Daishi Odaishima has tweeted that they are currently working out the balancing for Pyrrah, noting that her brother (Sophitia’s son and ‘main’ character of SCV) Patroklos currently seems “stronger”. I hope they take all the time they need to get the balancing and match-ups as close to perfect as possible. Sophitia herself has always been considered a powerful character, especially when I’m playing her. Brag much. Soul Calibur V will be available on HD consoles next year.


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Kenneth Richardson

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