Q.U.B.E. Sells Enough to Recoup Investment in Just Four Days

When we announced last week that Q.U.B.E. was for sale, our own Allen Park probably said it best by calling the game “the first WTF game of the year”. I was pleased to see many sites covering such a unique looking game, despite the persistent Portal references which although not entirely accurate probably convinced more than a couple of people to take a closer look.

The good news is that Q.U.B.E. sold enough copies in just four days to pay back the development costs to Indie Fund, a site that works to fund independent games. The people at Indie Fund ended up giving Toxic (the developers of Q.U.B.E.) a little over $90K to create the game after it passed their own evaluation process, and it’s the first game funded by them to get to market.

Make sure to hit up their site to read more about how Q.U.B.E. came to be. I’m glad this worked out both for the people at Indie Fund and at Toxic so the two can continue doing what they love.

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John Colaw

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