Quake Arena Arcade on XBLA For $15

By Yaris Gutierrez

December 15, 2010


Ah… The good ol’ days of playing Quake Arena, and handing out cans of whoop ass in large doses. If you’re anywhere as old as most of us here on the staff are(*cough* Al Zamora *cough* Chad Awkerman *cough* Me *cough*), then you’d know the true memorable moments that games like Quake Arena had instilled in our subconscious during an era where the coolest thing to do was dress in bright neon colors,, sport rat tails, and listen to songs like “Just Another Day Without You,” by John Secada.

Those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to fully experience one of our greatest past times will now have a brief glimpse at one of our most nostalgic moments as Quake Arena Arcade makes its way onto Xbox Live Arcade for a measly 1200 MS Points (or $15, if you prefer monetary symbols). If you’ve tasted the brute, fast-paced Quake 3 Arena on the Dreamcast, then you’ll have somewhat of an understanding as to what you’re actually getting with this release.

Will I be picking this game up? Probably not. I think that my feeble mind has gotten adjusted to the much slower first-person shooters this generation which try to somewhat mimic real-life movements, compared to Quake where you run around at the speed of someone who just snorted two grams of cocaine.  If you’re looking for a brief moment of nostalgic closure – or if you’ve never experienced Quake – I’d probably say go for it. $15 isn’t too shabby nowadays.

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