Quake Champions Developer Comments on the Possibility of More Bethesda Crossover Characters

Quake Champions Developer Comments on the Possibility of More Bethesda Crossover Characters

Quake Champions Community Developer Joshua Boyle recently commented on the possibility of bringing Bethesda characters other than Doom Slayer and BJ to the PC title.

id Software’s PC exclusive multiplayer shooter Quake Champions has seen a couple crossover characters before like the Doom Slayer and BJ Blazkowicz, but is there room for more? Studio Director Tim Willits teased that he would like to see characters such as the Dragonborn, Corvo, and the Vault Dweller join the fray in an interview with GameReactor, but not much has come from that since.

IGN recently interviewed Quake Champions’ Community Developer Joshua Boyle, and once again asked about making Quake Champions a Super Smash Bros. style crossover of Bethesda IP. While id Software has nothing to announce that this time, Joshua still seemed to be very open to the idea. He doesn’t think that there is a crossover FPS title like that yet, so there may be an untapped market for that.

He also discussed having more unique maps for these characters, though once again that is something Quake Champions developers haven’t done. While nothing is confirmed at this time, it does seem like this may be something Quake Champions can add during development:

“As soon as I got hired on, I was like ‘we’re doing that, right?’…This is something that somehow hasn’t existed in FPS, and we have such a great space for it…Arena [shooters] aren’t that different than how it is in Smash, where it’s like ‘this is the theme of Animal Crossing or this is the theme of that game,’ but we haven’t gone too nuts yet with maps at all, and I’m not saying we will or we won’t.

I think already the proof is in the pudding, in the sense that we’re not just stuck to all these different Quake franchise [characters] that are from different iterations of Quake. We’ve already got Doom and we’ve already got B.J. in, which are obviously id pillars, right? It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility that, you know — Bethesda and ZeniMax have a very wide umbrella that we’re all under. It’s definitely, I’d say, in high consideration.”

DualShockers will be sure to let you know if id Software and Bethesda decide to bring more crossover characters to the game. Quake Champions is currently available in Early Access on PC and recently went free-to-play.