Bethesda Softworks Elaborates on Quake Champions’ Upcoming Update and eSports Events

Bethesda Softworks Elaborates on Quake Champions’ Upcoming Update and eSports Events

During this year's PAX East event, Maryland studio Bethesda Softworks announced new details regarding the Early Access arena shooter, Quake Champions.

During PAX East this past weekend, Bethesda Softworks announced new details regarding its arena shooter Quake Champions.

According to the press release, sometime later this month, Quake Champions will receive a new update, which will introduce a slew of new features into the game, including a new champion named Strogg, a new map (Awoken), as well as tweaks to the overall gameplay.

An enemy who made appearances in Quake II and Quake 4, Strogg is half military-grade metal, half-decaying flesh, and 100% ready to annihilate is competition. The publisher also confirmed that players will also be able to take control of Strogg’s sidekick Peeker, an airborne AI drone that will shoot explosives at your adversaries and enemies you kill when using Strogg will turn into a nutritional paste called Stroylent that increases your health by 25 points. However, be sure to snag it fast as other players using Strogg as their champion can also steal your Stroylent.

While the new map, Awoken will have gamers navigating through an obscure labyrinth This vine-entrenched arena will be playable in the following modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Duel, 2v2, and Instagib.

Aside from new details regarding the April update, the Maryland-based publisher has also announced that it will be hosting four Quake Champions eSports competitions – two major and two minor tournaments for professional competitors, along with several online events.

The first tournament will be held at Dreamhack Tours next month with a prize pool of $50,000. Additionally, the forthcoming competition will also mark the first time in Quake history with no previous qualifiers. All competitors interested in participating can register now.

While the other three competitions include the QuakeCon Open this year’s QuakeCon; a minor event at PGL in October; and the Quake Champions Invitational, which will commence at Dreamhack Winter this December. On top of that, the Collegiate Star League will also begin Quake Champions competitions starting in June, with additional online tournaments being offered on a weekly and monthly basis with various prize pools via the ESL Go4 League, through BattleFy, and through the Quake Champions Open League.

You can check out a new trailer focusing on the new champion below this article. Quake Champions is currently available now on Early Access via and Steam.