Quake Champions Gets New Character Trailer Highlighting Ranger

Quake Champions Gets New Character Trailer Highlighting Ranger

Today, developer id Software and publisher Bethesda released the seventh character trailer, highlighting the champion Ranger.

The new trailer is 54 seconds and is merely and overview-ish look at the slipgate marine.

As you may know, Ranger featured in the original Quake and is one of the series’ iconic characters. Here’s an overview of the character via Bethesda:

Ranger has been fighting for his life ever since he passed through the Slipgate and into the Dreamlands two decades ago. He cut through countless horrors to find four eldritch Runes, and laid waste to the All-Mother, Shub Niggurath, which gave him access to the powerful Dire Orb.

Now, time and delirium have taken their toll, stripping Ranger of his memories and name, leaving a soldier hell-bent on survival. Only a photograph of a family he no longer clearly remembers serves to help him retain some of his hope and humanity.

Active Ability: Dire Orb

Pulled from the innards of the All-Mother, the Dire Orb allows Ranger to teleport around the Arenas, granting him a unique edge over his opponents. With the Dire Orb, he can dodge attacks, reach tricky areas, and even telefrag unsuspecting enemies. The Dire Orb can hurt any enemies it makes contact with and, if left unused, it will explode, damaging all foes in the blast radius.

Passive Ability: Son of a Gun

Ranger’s passive ability, Son of a Gun, reduces the amount of self-damage he takes by 20%, allowing him to Rocket Jump with less pain and providing the opportunity for more up-close-and-personal, gibby Rocket Launcher kisses.

Ranger is a playable character in the ongoing closed beta, which kicked-off on April 6th and is still taking sign-ups.

Quake Champions is in development for PC and is planned to release sometime this year. Below, you can check out the new trailer and Galena. Additionally, you can check out the other fsix character trailers —  of Nyx, Scalebearer, Anarki, Slash, Clutch, and Galena — hereherehere, herehere, and here.