Quake Champions Gets New Character Trailer Highlighting Scalebearer

Quake Champions Gets New Character Trailer Highlighting Scalebearer

Today, developer id Software and publisher Bethesda, released a new (and the second, you can check out the first which showcased Nyx here) character trailer highlighting the champion: Scalebearer.

The new trailer is 43 seconds and essentially provides an overview of the planetary war general.

According to Bethesda, Scalebearer is a relentless Champion, and is a heavyweight good for charging at foes and using at the center of battle. Here’s an overview of the character:

This warlord of the marauding Greiss plundered the technology of countless worlds to strengthen his armies. But defeat by a reclusive, phase-shifting race led to his exile. Obsessed with vengeance, he discovered their power source: an ancient shrine holding a seething sphere of liquid within. When at last he slaughtered its guardians and entered, the sphere consumed him – and he vanished. He awoke in the Dreamlands, a bizarre, brutal realm, transformed by arcane energy. Now he seeks a way back to the waking world to regain his command and wield his newfound might.

Ability: Bull Rush

Scalebearer rushes forward, dealing massive damage to any opponents he hits. While ability is active, Scalebearer loses maneuverability, but becomes much more resistant to incoming damage.

Passive Ability: Heavyweight

Scarebearer’s Heavyweight passive allows him to use his extra weight to crush his enemies. Spot an enemy Champion approaching? A well timed rocketjump landing will crush opponents below your feet.

Scalebeaer will be playable in the upcoming closed beta, which is said to be coming in the next few weeks. Quake Champions is in development for PC and is planned to release sometime this year.

Additionally, id Software recently clarified the game’s payment model.

Below, you can check out Scalebearer.