Quake Twitter Account Flaunts New Gore System Coming to Quake Champions

Quake Twitter Account Flaunts New Gore System Coming to Quake Champions

A new gore system is on the way in Quake Champions, according to the Quake's Twitter and the new grotesque system is full of blood, guts, and loose limbs.

Fans of the Quake series such as myself have so much to look forward to in Quake Champions. With the game finally entering the eSports scene, the extensive new update released late last month, the DreamHack tournament, and QuakeCon 2018 set for later this year. There is no denying that a lot of exciting things are happening with this game this year, and a new gore system is one of them.

This news comes from the official Quake Twitter account, which provided a detailed (albeit short) video showcasing how the new gore system is in action. Throughout the less-than-two-minute long video, viewers can witness various champions’ as their bodies burst into a slew of tiny pieces when you lovingly embrace them with a rocket.

Although fans received some new footage of the system in action, neither id Software nor Bethesda Softworks unveiled when it will be accessible to players. With the release date for it simply that it is “coming soon.” Aside from some snippets of gameplay footage of the new gore mechanic in action. The video was generous enough to provide some models ina still-like frame as you can watch their body being torn apart. As champions lose their finders, limbs, and torsos, this new gore system is indeed intriguing and graphical in every way possible and I personally and excited to see it in action soon.

Quake Champions is currently available now on Early Access via Bethesda.net and Steam.