Quake Champions Update Adds New Slipgate Mode and Champion Athena

A new update to Quake Champions introduces new Champion Athena as well as a new gameplay mode Slipgate and community challenges.

A new update for Quake Champions has added a new mode called Slipgate and new champion named Athena.

Slipgate is an objective mode with two teams of four alternating defense and offense positions. Defenders must prevent the attackers from sealing their Slipgate for a set time period. There are no respawns in this mode and players have full health/armor and every weapon available from the outset.

The Slipgate Festival will run from October 11-31, 2018 and requires players to all cumulatively complete up to one million matches of Slipgate to unlock various awards. Everyone will receive the Tentacle Weapon Skins pack when they login during this time period. Once 100,000 matches have been completed everyone will be awarded with a Quake 4 Heavy Machine Gun skin. 500,000 matches rewards the Scalebearer Lore Skin, and 1,000,000 unlocks Athena for permanent use. She will also be available for free during the event and those who already own the character through the Champions Pack will recieve her Lore Skin.

Athena is a new Champion that has been tested in the Public Test Servers and is now playable at large. She has a grappling hook for traversal that allows her to get close or escape combat.

Some other small updates includes the Lockbox map receiving some topography and item placement changes, as well as a improved performance. You can read the full patch notes on the Quake Champions website.

Quake Champions is a competitive arena-style first-person shooter for PC that went fully free to play earlier this year. You can view some images from the update and the Splipgate Festival rewards in the gallery below.

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