Quake II Turns RTX On and It Looks Incredible

Quake II Turns RTX On and It Looks Incredible

Quake II is jumping on the RTX train this summer. Nvidia is releasing a new update the brings dynamic ray tracing to the 1997 classic.

Nvidia’s latest generation of GPUs boasts a feature called RTX. This lets you unlock the power of real-time ray tracing in games like Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Nvidia is bringing their RTX tech to an old game this summer with the classic FPS Quake II. To show off what the update does, the team released a trailer. Watch it below.

As you can see, the improved, dynamic lighting that RTX provides is jaw-dropping. It really makes the old girl shine. Remember as you watch that Quake II came out in 1997. This kind of lighting was not even a gleam in John Carmack’s eye. You can really notice how drastic the change is with the side-by-side comparisons.


If you have an RTX card, you can check out the first three levels of this Quake II update for free. Players who already own the full version of Quake II can download the RTX update from Nvidia’s site and patch it over the full game, letting you play the entire campaign in fully ray traced glory.

Nvidia is also putting the source code out to the public. This will allow some intrepid players to put ray tracing in the many Quake II mods. Someone might even improve the code to further enhance the update for the full game.

RTX can look amazing when it works. Unfortunately, you need quite the rig to run many of the games well. Hopefully, by bringing the tech to an older game, it will make it slightly easier for people with less powerful PCs to get an in-person taste of what ray tracing can be.

Quake II RTX is coming to PC on June 6.