QuakeCon is Headed to Europe for the First Time this Summer

QuakeCon is Headed to Europe for the First Time this Summer

QuakeCon Europe is a new expansion of QuakeCon that will run in tandem to the main event in Dallas this July.

QuakeCon is typically just a single event that is held in Dallas, Texas every summer, but this year, the convention will also be headed overseas.

Bethesda announced today that QuakeCon 2019 will also be held this July in London, England. QuakeCon Europe, as it is being called, will run in tandem to the main event that is still taking place in Dallas and it will transpire on July 26 and 27th. This is said to be one of the main ways in which the show is evolving in 2019.


As for what you’ll be able to do at QuakeCon Europe, the event logically sounds very similar to its counterpart in the United States. You’ll be able to meet developers, play games by Bethesda, and attend various panels associated with some of the publisher’s titles.

Perhaps the most interesting nugget of information here though is that Bethesda has confirmed that DOOM Eternal will be playable for fans who attend QuakeCon Europe. While this isn’t all that surprising given the ongoing “Year of DOOM” promotional angle that Bethesda keeps pushing, this is (I’m pretty sure) the first time that it has been confirmed that the latest entry in the DOOM franchise will be playable. If DOOM Eternal is playable in Europe as well, that almost certainly means it will be available for play in Dallas, too.

With both E3 2019 and QuakeCon rapidly approaching this summer, it seems like we’re slated to see a whole lot of the highly-anticipated shooter here soon. Hopefully, we just get a release date reveal at either of these events and it ends up being sooner than we think. I really want to play DOOM Eternal, y’all.

If you would like to get tickets for QuakeCon Europe, you can head over to the event’s official website to learn more.