Quantic Dream Developing Proprietary Animation Tools for “Ambitious” PS4 Exclusive Games

Quantic Dream Developing Proprietary Animation Tools for “Ambitious” PS4 Exclusive Games

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream is working on one or more PS4 exclusives, but they aren’t content with just developing the games and their own engine. They’re going one step further and creating their own proprietary animation tools, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad, seeking a Animatio Technical Director  to work on the tool suite.

We are seeking an experienced Animation Technical Director who will contribute to the development of our suite of proprietary 3D software tools used by animators.
You will be attached to the R & D “Maya Tools” department. You will understand the needs of animators and make tools integrated with Maya or independent, using a variety of technologies (Maya, Python, Motion Builder) depending on needs. You need to understand and assimilate the animation pipeline from Motion Capture to Quantic Dream’s proprietary PS4 engine. You will also provide maintenance and documentation for the tools and the animation production pipeline. You have a strong knowledge of development tools in Python. You will be creative and motivated to be with us on our future AAA next-gen projects.

The need to create proprietary tools is quite understandable considering how important animation is for Quantic Dream’s well known cinematic experiences. The ad also requires “capacity and strong desire to actively contribute to ambitious projects within a creative team.”

Unfortunately we still know near to nothing about these “ambitious” games Quantic Dream is working on, but hopefully we’ll hear more about them soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that the house of PlayStation has a few surprises left for Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, and one of those events might be the right occasion to announce what Quantic Dream has been working on.