Quantic Dream Has Been Working on PS4 Since 2011

Quantic Dream Has Been Working on PS4 Since 2011

By now it’s known that Quantic Dream has been working on one or more PS4 exclusives in collaboration with Sony Worldwide Studios, but how long have they been at it?

According to the Linkedin profile of the Co-CEO and Executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière, quite long. In fact de Fondaumière mentions experience on PS4 since 2011.

This means that the studio has been working on Sony’s new console for between three and four years.

de Fondaumière’s profile also seems to confirm that Quantic Dream has more than one PS4 game in the works, as it lists ” He currently works on unannounced projects for Playstation 4, in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment WWS.”

we don’t know the nature of those projects yet (even if there are hints pointing to a remake of Beyond: Two Souls between them), but with at least three years working on the platform, we might get to hear about them soon