Quantic Dream’s New PS4 Games Will Use Performance Capture Equipment “Unrivaled in Europe”

Quantic Dream’s New PS4 Games Will Use Performance Capture Equipment “Unrivaled in Europe”

We know that Quantic Dream is working on one or more PS4 exclusives in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, and today we learn that those games are going to take advantage of a hell of a motion/performance capture equipment, thanks to a career opportunity ad published by the developer, seeking an Animation Director.


  • We are looking for an experienced Animation Director who wishes to mark a new stage in his/her career by supervising a highly experienced team working on promising subjects with equipment that is unrivalled in Europe:
  •  You will work in collaboration with the director, supervising the animations produced daily in the studio. You will define the ambience, style and pacing of sequences while maintaining the internal unity and artistic continuity, but also monitoring the workflow of the different contributors;
  • Along with 3 leads, you will supervise all the departments dedicated to animation: the in-house soundproofed Performance Capture studio (74 Vicon T160 cameras), the body animation team and the facial team.
  • You will elaborate and document the Animation specifications for our projects;
  • You will update the teams on quality expectations. You will elaborate clear strategies, establish workflows and research the documentation and visual references to enable the teams to achieve their targets;
  • You will constantly monitor and validate the animation produced, making sure that it respects the established artistic charter;
  • You will get to know the target platform, the engine and the performance capture tools in order to generate new ideas and push back their limits.


74 Vicon cameras indeed make for one of the largest performance capture arrays in the world (the largest is at The Capture Lab in Vancouver, with 128 cameras, according to Vicon itself).

It’s also an increase from the performance capture equipment used for Beyond: Two Souls and The Dark Sorcerer. Here is the technical breakdown of the old studio:

  • Camera count: 64 – 36 T160s and 28 MX40s
  • Previous body capture volume: 11m x 6m x 3m
  • Previous performance capture volume: 3m x 4m x 3m
  • Talent count for PC stage: four actors

And here iswhat the new one can do:

  • New system
  • Camera count: 76 T160s
  • New body capture volume: 11m x 6m x 3m
  • New Performance capture volume: 6m x 4m x 3m
  • Talent count for PC stage: at least eight actors

The Vicon T160s is the world’s only 16 megapixel motion capture camera, and the most advanced piece of equipment of its kind.

We also learn that the studio has a three Lead Animators, which definitely shows how important animation will be for the upcoming games.

Numbers aren’t everything (even if in performance capture they mean a lot), and the new Animation Director will also need to have considerable experience. The ad required a whopping fifteen years in the industry, of which at least three in a Director position.

Quantic Dream definitely wants the best at the helm. If The Dark Sorcerer impressed us, there’s a good chance that the upcoming games will blow us away, animation-wise.