Quantum Break Xbox One Video Preview – Tight as a Twist in Time

Quantum Break Xbox One Video Preview – Tight as a Twist in Time

Microsoft has given us plenty of time to experience Quantum Break before its release on April 5th, and the inevitable review that you can expect soon enough, so we decided to do something a little different.

Instead of playing the game and then sitting down in front of my computer writing my impressions, I just recorded them as I was playing act 1-2 and 1-3 live, with no filters or restraints, beside the fact that were certain parts of the game that, for now, we aren’t allowed to show.

You’ll see me learn the controls, explore the first areas of the game, start to cope with Jack Joyce’s budding time powers and with his early enemies. You’ll even hear me curse a little, and swoon at just how good the game looks.

It also plays really tight from what I have experienced so far, and while the jury is still out on the final verdict that will have to take in account the whole experience from start to finish, you’ll probably notice in the video that I had a whole lot of fun.

Of course, keep in mind that the video includes spoilers from the act 1-2 and 1-3, and the beginning of the first episode of the TV show. They’re fairly mild because we’re close to the beginning of the story, but if you want to go in blind on April 5th, you may want to skip it.

Incidentally, this is very much an experiment. I’ve never done something like this, and it’ll probably show. Do let us know if it’s something you’re interested in seeing again, or if Giuseppe unfiltered is a nightmare that better remain buried in the deepest depths of hell.