Quantum Conundrum Gets a PC Release Date and “Season Pass” Goodies

Quantum Conundrum Gets a PC Release Date and “Season Pass” Goodies

For those who aren’t familiar, Quantum Conundrum is the spiritual successor of Portal, in that the same person created both games – Kim Swift. Today Square-Enix announced that they finally have a release date for this inter-dimensional puzzle game, and that is June 21st, on the PC only and exclusively on Steam. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be coming, according to the publisher, but not until sometime in the Summer.

If you want to go full boar and pick up the game’s “season pass”, you’ll be able to also get some Team Fortress 2 items with the game, as well as the game’s soundtrack and access to all the DLC that is released for the title down the line.


Pre-orders are open on Steam right now, and there’s a couple things to keep in mind about doing so. Right now you can get 10% off the game and its “season pass” (presumably a pre-order-only deal). Also, if you pre-order you’ll get your name put in a hat where, if it’s drawn, will get your likeness painted by the game’s staff at Airtight Games and hung in Professor Quadwrangle’s mansion, which is the setting for the game.

If this game’s piqued your curiosity, like it has mine, it’s good to know it is finally getting a release date real soon.