Quantum Error Gameplay Teased, Devs Raising Money for Mocap and Voice Actors

Quantum Error Gameplay Teased, Devs Raising Money for Mocap and Voice Actors

See what it's like to be a fireman on a space station littered with deadly humanoid beasts in this upcoming PS5 title.

Announced in March of this yearQuantum Error developer, Teamkill Media showed off a haunting announcement trailer for the horror that’s due to be arriving on PS4 and PS5. It was revealed in April that it would release of PS5 first. With Gamescom happening last week, a new trailer was released, showing even more gameplay as well as giving us a better taste of the world.

While the footage in the below trailer is noted to not represent the final game, it certainly looks nice and eerie. We get to see gunfire mowing down weird, humanoid-looking undead creatures but also a lot of melee weapons being wielded as the player explores levels with these creatures wandering around. It does appear to be set on a space station, and so there’s numerous weapons with futuristic technology such as holographic ammo counters, and scopes with thermal imagery.

There also appears to be a good deal of cutscenes to tie a story together, and on the official YouTube page, it’s detailed that TeamKill Media is raising money on GoFundMe for mocap equipment and voice actors. The target goal is $65,000 and at current, the developer has raised $1,960 with 23 doners. Those who donate $50 or more will get a copy of the game when it becomes available at some point in the future.

The page boasts that Quantum Error will feature unique mechanics that bring a different perspective to the first-person shooter genre. It also details that there will be a “truly cosmic novel” to go with the gameplay. The game will feature 3 installments with a movie-style script and takes inspiration from games such as Metal Gear and Resident Evil series. Oh, and if you fancy being an NPC in the game you can donate $500 or more.

During the Future Games Show, Quantum Error also showed off a preview of its gameplay, including using fire extinguishers to get rid of fire on the station. Additionally, with the player taking the role of a fireman, they also get to pry doors open. An impressive moment during the gameplay shows the bullets fired by the player shredding the enemy’s flesh right down to the bone. The video then goes through the exploration mechanics before showing off a type of boss fight. You can watch that above.

At the moment there’s no release date specified for Quantum Error, but it is said to be launching on PS5 and PS4.