Quantum Theory Delayed Again... Until Summer 2010

By Jon Ireson

April 5, 2010

For gamers who have been waiting a long time for one of the most talked about titles to spring up in a while for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems, DualShockers regrets to inform you that your wait just grew! Originally Tecmo Koei’s original IP Quantum Theory was originally shown to the world in 2008 and immediately its momentum as a possibly great game began to build in snowballing proportions. However, many people feel this game may be a bit rough around the edges while some simply label it a Gears of War clone and call it a day. Read on for when to expect this monstrously speculated title to actually arrive.

Fresh on the trail of our Senior Contributing Editor Chad Awkerman’s look into game development cycles and their sometimes extremely lengthy, delay-bound process, we would like to inform the gaming public that Quantum Theory will not be making its expected release in March 2010.

Fear not gaming population, the good news is that the title is no longer simply drifting in the “to be announced” zone and has landed somewhere in the “summer 2010 to be announced” area. If that is enough to ease your hearts, then bless you for believing in a game that is on its third delay.

“Quantum Theory has been pushed back until Summer 2010. There isn’t a solid release date just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement soon.”

That’s the official word from TecmoKoei America.

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Was this title delayed to improve quality as we are commonly told by major league developers, publishers, and their indie counterparts as well? I sure hope so. Also there must be a lot of concern now about whether or not this game is actually so terrible that Tecmo Koei would rather release it among some blockbuster titles to mask its failure to be accepted by gamers. In either case, you can add Quantum Theory to the list of ridiculously delayed games alongside Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, and many others.

With so many delays it feels like Quantum Theory will now be largely out shadowed by AAA titles that have been announced during this agonizingly long wait, it seems hard to care that it’s coming out and feels like we are in for a 2008 game masquerading as brand new. Perhaps the game is incredible, but continuing to delay it means less and less gamers are going to give it a chance. They say that all press is good press, but in an industry with so much speculation that may no longer be true for games like Quantum Theory.

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