Queen Guitarist Thinks Queen: Rock Band Might Happen

I love Queen more than I love my mother – that is the honest to god truth. If I had a choice to choose between Freddy Mercury and my mother, my mother would more than likely be burning in hell with a pitch-fork up her ass only because Mr. Mercury can sing the “Bicycle” song and put me to sleep; where my mother would have to bash me in the head with a frying pan to accomplish the very same results. And, unless you’re some sort of masochist and enjoy getting thrashed by a cast-iron frying pan, you’d make the same decision.

My poor mother aside, Queen is probably one of the greatest bands to grace the music industry. Freddy Mercury, although not one of the most popular people with regards to great teeth, is definitely one of the greatest voices to enter the genre of rock. Wouldn’t it be great to degrade his beautiful voice in an actual Queen: Rock Band by adding your very own cancerous vocal tunes? Well, it might happen, ladies and gentlemen. It might happen.

In a recent interview with BBC, Queen guitarist Brian May mentioned that there had been some some talk “going on behind the scenes” about the possibility of a Queen: Rock Band coming – much like The Beatles: Rock Band iteration. He added, “yes, we’re into it, I think it may happen.”

Although Queen is an excellent band and that I would, personally, want nothing more than to rock out with my plastic instruments and mimic the legendary band, I kind of have to be realistic and ponder on whether or not a Queen: Rock Band would have the same reaction as what The Beatles: Rock Band had. We have to remember that The Beatles are much more culturally popular than Queen. But, who’s to say that people wouldn’t enjoy singing along and playing to tunes like “Bohemian Rhapsody”? I’d have people throwing underwear at me… both men and women. That’s how insane my vocal skills are, ladies. *wink* Guys, stay away.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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