Quirky Screen-Peeking Shooter, Screencheat, Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Quirky Screen-Peeking Shooter, Screencheat, Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

You certainly have never played a game like this.

Screencheat, from developer Samurai Punk, embraces and even encourages that age old video game habit of “screen-peeking” that seems to always run rampant when playing split-screen multiplayer.

In fact, that’s the core gameplay mechanic!

In Screencheat all players are invisible, the only way to know where someone is, is by looking at their screen, tracking them down and shooting them. Possibly with a candelabra.

I told you you’ve never played anything like it.

The game has ten different guns, each more ridiculous than the last, from exploding teddy bears to a hobby horse that you ride on and skewer other players with. Finding other players is made easier by maps having distinctive landmarks and being color coded into quadrants to narrow your search.

All ten of the game’s weapons are one hit kills but should you miss, your weapon will leave a visible trail other players can use to try to kill you first.

The game looks like a perfect party game to play with friends, but even if its just you, the game supports online multiplayer with up to eight players, everyone’s screen is simply displayed on everyone else’s. To see what that madness looks like take a look down below.

No release date or window was announced on either Xbox Wire or PlayStation Blog other than “later this year” so hopefully we hear more soon.