R-Type Dimensions EX Now Available for PC and Switch, Features Classic Mode and More

R-Type Dimensions EX Now Available for PC and Switch, Features Classic Mode and More

Get retro, spacey, and shooty on PC or Switch with two classic R-Type titles.

R-Type Dimensions EX from Tozai Games is now available for both PC and Nintendo Switch, bringing together both of the classic arcade shmup titles from the good old 1980s.

R-Type™ Dimensions EX allows players to play both R-Type and R-Type II in either a classic mode with 2D arcade graphics and retro music, or as a modern reimagining featuring 3D graphics and remastered audio. Additionally, there are three features that have been introduced to the title: Full Power-Up Mode that allows players to power their ships to maximum weapons in Infinite Mode, and Fast Forward will allow players to speed up the game during any available game mode. R-Type™ Dimensions EX is available in 1080p resolution so you can see the barrage of explosions in wonderful quality.

Nintendo Switch users will be able to attempt to unlock in-game achievements while taking flight in all of the eight original R-Type levels and all of the six R-Type II levels. Up to two players can play together through couch co-op play or add collision for competitive play. There is also the option for slow motion and button reconfiguration.

You can watch a launch trailer that was published back on November 14 below which shows the game in action. This isn’t the first time we’re seeing R-Type Dimensions at DualShockers as back in 2014 the title was available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. We ran a review on that version which you can read here.

The new R-Type Dimensions EX introduces the title to PC and Nintendo Switch and is available now.