R.U.S.E. PS Move Features Begin to be Detailed

If you were looking at the latest Exclusive PlayStation Move tech demo video DualShockers presented and thinking “I would love to know how an RTS like R.U.S.E. would make use of the PS Move” wonder no longer. The developers of the upcoming real-time strategy game have implemented support for the title and the details on how this will improve the game are beginning to surface.

First off, players can zoom in and out simply by holding the PS Move controller closer or further out from the television set, bring up a quick menu through a gesture of holding it to the right, all while using the controller as a pointer where traditionally the mouse would do that job. Selecting troops has become easier, navigating menus makes much more sense, and the light-up ball on the end of the PS Move will provide visual feedback in addition to the game’s already existing cues. For example, a red light will indicate enemy troops are being pointed at whereas a green one will let you know that it’s a group of friendlies. These are just some of the features you can expect to see R.U.S.E. and games like it to implement using the PS Move and should dramatically change the way developers think about games. Breathing fresh air into the genres we already love, while perhaps creating new ones, the optional sub-controller (a.k.a. Navigation) can also be used instead of a DualShock 3 in companionship to the PS Move.

Of course, if motion controls just aren’t your thing you do not need to use them and can stick with your DualShock 3 controller for the entirety of the game.[GameSpot]

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