Rabbids Are Still Alive and Kicking, Apparently

By Eder Campuzano

November 9, 2011

Did you know a new Rabbids game came out last week? Yeah, I was pretty surprised, too. The title, Rabbids Alive & Kicking, hit the Xbox 360 Nov. 1 and utilizes Kinect to implement the wacky minigames the characters are known for.

While Rayman Origins, the franchise from which the nutty bunnies were born, is due to hit store shelves next week in North America Ubisoft called today to remind us that the Rabbids are — pardon the pun — indeed, alive and kicking.

At $50, the title once again places the Rabbids front and center. Play a variation of whack-a-mole with them. Get freaked out as the strange bunnies pop out of your living room rug. I still remember the first time I played Rayman Raving Rabbids the day I got my Wii — has it been five years already? — and thinking “yep, these things are what I’m going to see seconds before I take my last breath.”

Alive and Kicking looks fun enough, but I’m still waiting for the Kinect title that does more than rely on simple gestures for mini-game compilations or blockbuster film adaptations. Doesn’t look like this is it.

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