Race Changes Coming to World of Warcraft

on September 4, 2009 10:32 AM

You’re probably asking yourself how many posts we can have relating to World of Warcraft in a 24-hour period, right?  You can never have enough WoW news!  Hot on the heels of the faction change service for WoWgoing live, we have a confirmation that a race changing service is in the works.  This was hinted to at BlizzCon, enough that it was already a pretty solid possibility.  Now, I’d say, we have some definite confirmation in two forms.  First, on the FAQ page for faction changes is this question: “Can I use this service to change race on my existing faction?”  The answer?  “No.  We will be releasing a race change service in the near future for this purpose.”

Secondly, it was confirmed by  WoW Community Manager Nethaera yesterday on the official forums.  “We have also decided to offer a race change service in the future.  Players who choose to switch races will be able to change their race within their same faction and class.”  This hasn’t gone live yet, but I’ll take it as confirmation the service is in the works for release at a future date, or, as Blizzard likes to say, “soon“.

Ever wanted to be a sexy dwarf hunter instead of a night elf?  Now you can.  Perhaps Blizzard decided on this because they’ve indicated that they want to massively overhaul the racials for the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm.  If someone decided their current race and the new racials just aren’t for them, now they have the ability to change all that.  I’ll echo what I said in my post on faction changes yesterday – I’m a wholehearted supporter of these kinds of choices in an MMO.  The more choices and freedom a player has to create their own game experience and play the way they want, the better.

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