Racecraft Bringing Procedural Tracks to Steam in Announcement Trailer

on July 13, 2015 12:42 AM

Racecraft is the newest racing simulator to hit the PC scene and comes from developer Vae Victis. The game sets itself apart from other games such as Project Cars by having procedural tracks. This means the tracks will not be totally randomized, but will randomly generate tracks according to a predetermined set of rules. In the trailer this is shown by one of the bends of a track extending behind a bunch of hills, or leading to a long straight shot. Racecraft also supports virtual reality with a “hands free” user interface. No VR specific headset is detailed, however.

Weather effects will also be included to add more visual variety, and the game itself is looking quite colorful, although this is just developmental footage and not indicative of a final release. The official description adds that players can,

Choose your role in the team, jump on the driver seat, watch and assist your drivers from the pits, and do everything you can to be the fastest to cross the finish line.

The ability to help from the pits is not shown in the announcement video below, though you can expect more details as Racecraft draws closer to release and can sign up to participate in the beta on the company’s website.

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