Rad Mortal Kombat Short Film to Become Potentially Rad Series

By Matthew Jay

January 17, 2011

Last year a short film reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise mysteriously appeared on the internet in the dark of night. With no idea where this short had come from, nerds all over debated over what it could mean. Was it a trailer for a movie? Is a new game coming? What the hell is Michael Jai White doing there?

Turns out the dark, gritty MK re-imagining was made as a pitch for a full feature-length film. Director Scott Sanders tried something similar when fundraising for the production of his film Black Dynamite, also starring White. He shot a trailer for the film and started raising funds for the production of the film before they even had a script. Of course, the film got made and was awesome. Can lightning strike twice? Hit the jump to find out.

The Mortal Kombat short is being made into a 10-part web series for Warner Bros. Director of the short Kevin Tancharoen will be writing the script with Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing, staff writers of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Michael Jai White will return as Jax. There’s no word on a release date yet, but shooting is reported to begin in Vancouver this February.

I, for one, have become disenchanted with the MK series after recent lackluster entries. Some were out there cash grabs like Mortal Kombat vs. DC and others were just plain bad. I think the last one I really enjoyed was Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. It pretty much wholesale ripped off its best feature, the weapon system, from Soul Calibur, but hey when has Mortal Kombat ever not been a ripoff? Plus I really like Soul Calibur and I really like Sub Zero. Two great tastes, right? This show looks to be really cool and from what I’ve heard the new MK game is supposed to be really good. We’ll see if I can fall back in love with the series in 2011.

In other news, my pitch for a 30-part Clayfighter gritty reboot has yet to be picked up by a major production company.

Here’s the original short film pitch:

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