Raelynn Joins The Awesomenauts Cast, Level Cap Increased

on November 2, 2012 12:23 AM

Meet Raelynn and her blaster, a pulserifle named Cuddles. The newest addition to Awesomenauts, Raelynn joined the E.L.F. army shortly after highschool, until joining an elite squad called the Skyhawks. On a covert mission in the year 3009, she was captured and placed in cryostasis. Recently released, Raelynn brings her love of big guns to the battlefield.

Her first ability, Time-Rift, acts as an expandable wall that can create cover out of nearly any terrain. Alongside with her malleable rifle that can cover both close and long ranges through the use of the “Sniper Shot” and “Protoblaster” abilities, she seems like a strong addition to the Awesomenauts Cast. The accompany her introduction, the level cap was also increased to 82. You can check our Raelynn’s introduction trailer below.


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