Rage 2 Announcement Trailer Leaked

Rage 2 Announcement Trailer Leaked

Looks like Bethesda didn't manage to keep Rage 2's reveal into its pants, so you can take an early look at a brief teaser of the new game.

Since nowadays publishers can’t seem to keep big reveals into their pants, looks like a short version of the announcement trailer of Rage 2 has leaked on YouTube.

This appears to be just a part of what we’re gonna see later today, so I guess the surprise isn’t completely spoiled, and in any case, there is no gameplay to speak of. It’s just a cinematic trailer.

Platforms also aren’t mentioned and at the moment of this writing, it’s unknown whether we’ll know more about them with today’s official reveal.

The announcement has been hyped relentlessly for the past few days, culminating with a mention of the trailer yesterday evening. I guess this outcome is a bit anticlimactic but to each their own.

In case the trailer gets nuked, and it probably will, in the gallery below you can also see a few stills, just to give you an idea of the imagery it showcases.

Of course, we’ll have the full trailer and all the info from the announcement as soon as they land.