Rage 2’s Launch Trailer Has Arrived

Rage 2’s Launch Trailer Has Arrived

Bethesda is showing off the wild world of Rage 2 one last time before release.

Believe it or not, Bethesda and Avalanche Studios’ upcoming first-person shooter Rage 2 is out in less than a week. As is customary this close to release, the game’s launch trailer has now been released today.

The launch trailer comes in at nearly 3 minutes long and in my humble opinion, might be the best video for Rage 2 that we have seen so far. Not only does it showcase much of the title’s insane gameplay, but we also get to hear from Rage 2’s protagonist Walker and see more of his personality. The ending of the trailer also gets especially wild and meta going as far back to bash the original Rage for its poor ending.

I’ve been saying this for months at this point but everything we continue to see of Rage 2 gets me very excited. It has been one of my own personal most-anticipated games here in the early half of the year and I’m looking forward to finally playing it next week.

As for our own coverage of the game, you can expect us to have a review out for Rage 2 at some point. I’m not sure when we’ll have our own review for the game live on the site, but we will be playing the game here at DualShockers and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you whenever we can.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game attached below. Rage 2 is set to release next week on May 14 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.