Rage 2 Post-Launch Roadmap Detailed by Bethesda

Rage 2 Post-Launch Roadmap Detailed by Bethesda

Learn more of what to expect for the future of Rage 2 after it releases.

Before Rage 2 has even hit store shelves, Bethesda has today shared upcoming add-on content plans for the first-person shooter in the coming months.

Even though the day one version of Rage 2 will boast quite a bit of content, id Software and Avalanche Studios are set to bring a whole lot more to the game’s world starting as soon as later this month. Following launch next week, additional challenges, weapon skins, and a new world event will hit Rage 2 before the end of May.

Next month in June, most of the updates slated to come to Rage 2 are relatively simple. New challenges, skins, cheat codes, and again, another world event will be added. This is then basically duplicated once again in July with the only different addition in this month being that of a new ride.

Come August, things start to get a bit heftier. Most notably, August will see the arrival of Rage 2’s first post-launch expansion called Rise of the Ghosts. This expansion will add new enemies, areas, weapons, and abilities to utilize. Unlike the other add-ons up until this point though, Rise of the Ghosts will cost you money as it is paid DLC.

Lastly, more new content both of the paid and free variety will be heading to Rage 2 later this fall. Bethesda has yet to outline when all of these add-ons will arrive just yet, but the second major expansion for the game should release before the end of 2019 and will contain much of the same additions that Rise of Ghosts will bring. All in all, this seems like a pretty standard post-launch affair for Rage 2, but I’m not complaining.

Below you can check out all of that same information I just relayed to you in a handy dandy little chart that Bethesda put together. Rage 2 is out on May 14 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.