When to Expect Our Rage 2 Review

When to Expect Our Rage 2 Review

Our Rage 2 review won't be arriving for at least a few more days.

Hi! Hope you’re having a swell start to your Monday, folks. As we get into the thick of another week full of video game coverage for you here at DualShockers, I wanted to give you an update regarding our upcoming review for Rage 2, which is likely the biggest new release this week (sorry Bubsy: Paws on Fire).

As you may have noticed, the review embargo for Rage 2 came up this morning but our own review isn’t going to be arriving for a few more days. Basically, we didn’t get our copy of the game until pretty late last week and our reviewer, Michael Ruiz, has barely dipped his toe into the world of Rage 2 yet. We opted to review the game on Xbox One and codes for Rage 2 on this platform arrived a bit later than the PC version.

That said, from what Michael has discussed with me, his initial impressions seem to be pretty positive. He’s only put a few hours into the experience so far but he tells me that that the shooting is really enjoyable and the open world seems to be promising. At the same time, he’s also mentioned that he’s run into a few early bugs. We’ll see if those issues continue to persist or not as he continues to pour more time into the game.

So yeah, to make this far more straightforward: we’re actively reviewing Rage 2 and will try to have our review out as soon as humanly possible. Depending on how much time Michael can spend with the game over the coming days, I’m hoping that we can have our own impressions out by the end of the week. Regardless of when we do publish the review though, it will have the same level of quality and thoroughness that we put into all of our reviews here at DualShockers.

As always, thank you for your continued support and interest. I hope you have a wonderful week.