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Rage 2's TerrorMania Expansion Keeps the Halloween Festivities Alive in Launch Trailer

While Halloween has come and gone, Rage 2's recently-released TerrorMania expansion is keeping the frights going with its launch this week.

With its launch back in May of this year, Rage 2 brought fans of the cult classic shooter back into the wastelands for another round of chaotic shooting, looting, and chaos (did we mention chaos), with the game’s second post-launch expansion now out and giving players a frightfully good time.

Bethesda Softworks has released the official launch trailer for Rage 2‘s newly-released “TerrorMania”, which brings players into a brand new area where they take on hordes of the undead. Specifically, the storyline of “TerrorMania” takes place in an alternate dimension of the game’s Wastelands called the Deadlands, where players try to track down an artifact to shut down the gate to the Deadlands and prevent more chaos. You can find some of the highlights of the “TerrorMania” expansion below:

  • New Location: The Deadlands – Explore an alternate reality version of the wasteland. Once you complete the DLC story, you’ll be able to return to each location in the Deadlands and experience them again.
  • New Enemy: Army of the Dead – Face off against the undead versions of familiar factions like the Goon Squad, Immortal Shrouded, River Hogs and Abadon Muties.
  • New Weapon: Sword of Transitus – The Wasteland Wizard goes on and on about how the Sword of Transitus is an ancient relic of unspeakable power, capable of unlocking pathways between worlds… but it’s totally also a really cool sword you can stab people with, and that’s way more important. Charge up the Sword of Transitus to unleash an arc of devastating force.

While the initial reception for Rage 2 was a bit mixed at its launch (including our own review from when it released), Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Software have shown dedication in continuing to support the game with updates and new content. At this time it’s unclear if there is more DLC coming to the game after “TerrorMania,” but players of the game surely will already have a lot to dig into between its paid expansions and previous free updates.

Rage 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and can be picked up on Amazon, with the “TerrorMania” expansion now available across all platforms. For a closer look at the new expansion, you can check out the full launch trailer below:

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