RAGE Hitting iPhone, Graphics = Ridiculous (Gameplay Video)

By Jon Ireson

August 13, 2010

RAGE for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC is a title that will be hitting hard with superb graphics and what looks to be game-play mechanics with great potential as well. Recently you may have heard that the QuakeCon 2010 is raging with John Carmack doing back-flips (in the digital awesomeness sense) to show the world what will be achieved with the upcoming title, among other things.

Amazingly enough, it turns out RAGE will be hitting the Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad App Store alongside the release of the console title, according to Carmack’s scheduled plans, and a demo was shown to back up this claim. What transpired next was the reveal of a borderline insane achievement achieved by Carmack and his team at id Software. RAGE running on the iPhone 4 destroyed any belief that the platform cannot handle a good-looking game as the 60 frames-per-second, mega-textured iPhone version of this title looks like something out of a sci-fi movie considering it’s running on such a portable device. This was achieved on a custom coded engine (made from scratch) with a tool in Rage exporting custom data to the game. Hit the break for the video of the demo shown at QuakeCon 2010.

[QuakeCon 2010] via [Joystiq]

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