Rage in Peace Release Date Revealed, Will Arrive Digitally on PC and Nintendo Switch

Rage in Peace Release Date Revealed, Will Arrive Digitally on PC and Nintendo Switch

Rage in Peace looks to be filled with plenty of deaths, but only one death suits the protagonist.

An upcoming story-driven platformer Rage in Peace will be arriving digitally for PC and Nintendo Switch next month as detailed by a new trailer. That trailer which you can watch below also shows off platforming gameplay and lots of decapitations set to a vibrant comic style.

Players will be taking control of Timmy Malinu, a protagonist who lives a simple life with the intention to eventually die in his sleep as peacefully as possible. When the Grim Reaper appears informing Timmy that he’s going to die that night from decapitation, the determined protagonist wants to escape fate and die his way. In short, whilst rushing home he’ll have to avoid all manners of head-chopping obstacles that stand in the way of his peaceful death he has always desired.

Rage in Peace is detailed to be loosely inspired by Paulo Coelho de Souza stories, and wants to bring meaning to death in a “rage game”. Going by the amount of head’s that were rolling around in the trailer, I would certainly expect this to come with a challenging difficulty. While it looks to be cute and comic book themed, it also seems to have a good amount of gore flying all over the place.

Eleven independent Indonesian bands are also to be featured in Rage in Peace as both developer Rolling Glory Jam, and publisher Toge Productions aim to showcase the best Indonesian entertainment culture. Toge Productions has been behind titles such as My Lovely Daughter and A Raven Monologue, both titles that have a comic style to them.

The title has been on Itch.io previously with a playable demo that PC users can download. You’ll be able to pick up Rage in Peace on November 8th 2018 for Nintendo Switch and PC.