Rage Looks A Lot Like…

Rage Looks A Lot Like…

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it looks exactly like and has the same premise as a small title I like to call… Fallout 3!? Yes I know there are cars, but come on. As I watched the first thirty seconds of this video I actually thought I was watching some new DLC for Fallout 3 until I saw vehicles. I wonder what Bethesda thinks about this, perhaps they need to have a word with the folks over at EA and iD and that should be WTF!? I mean the resemblence is uncanny, don’t you think?

Check out the video from QuakeCon 09.

Here is a clip from Fallout 3, you be the judge.

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  1. justin? says:

    first play then judge…but are they rally the same… ofcourse not you tattle tale you!!

  2. Kai says:

    Umm… No, this doesn’t look like fallout 3. You know how I can tell? No people standing around talking for 50 mins before you decide to kill them anyway. Oh, and this game looks like you can actually play it like a shooter (yes, controls in fallout 3 sucked big time for a game that was advertised as a FPS/RPG).

  3. John says:

    Yeah pretty sure fallout 3 looks alot like Mad max 2 (road warrior).

    Everyones already made this point.

  4. John says:

    Kai, Fallout 3 was advertised as an RPG/FPS not the other way around.
    Bethseda said that it was still more RPG orientated like elders scrolls.
    Thats why the controls were sucky.

  5. Tony says:

    Not sure if you are just a noob child intern Al Zamora. Do you not realize that the theme: “Post-Apocalypse” is a common one!?

    Are you a complete moron?

    Many novels,comics,movies,games,anime,music and art have portrayed a Post-Apocalyptic future.

    Like Fallout 3 and tons of older stories, RAGE is influenced by the novel The Penultimate Truth by Phillip K. Dick.

    DualShockers I’d love to write articles for you guys if you fire this Al Zamora character.

    I’m 22 years not sure how old you are pal but I’m not as ignorant as you are. If you happen to be older than me that is just sad.

  6. Andey says:

    Similar in theme but one looks like a fast paced FPS while fallout is mostly RPG and but like others have said postapoclypse is a big theme and it looks good but saying they look the same is just ignorant

  7. Kevin C says:

    That looks better then fallout 3.

  8. Edgar says:

    First off Fallout 3 was great, so making a game that looks like Fallout 3 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Second I suspect this game plays a lot differently from Bethesda’s epic RPG. Anyhow it’s unusual that Id lets me down, so I’m pretty sure I’ll e picking Rage up.

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  10. Azrael says:

    “Fallout 3 invented post apocalyptic games. I guess you should include Borderlands too since it has the same theme.”

    Umm, not to state the obvious, but I’m pretty sure that the ‘3’ in Fallout 3 kind of implies that there were at least 2 other games before it, thus making Fallout 3 the third (actually fifth) game in the series. Since they all are set in a post-apocalyptic future, it stands to reason that Fallout 3 did NOT in fact invent the post-apocalyptic genre. Furthermore, I am sure there were games before the original Fallout that took place in a post-apocalyptic future.

    That being said, of course there are going to be similarities between RAGE and Fallout 3. That doesn’t mean RAGE won’t be just as enjoyable (if not more, depending on your opinion) as Fallout 3. Personally I think RAGE looks a bit brighter in terms of environment. In Fallout, the world is devastated by nuclear fallout (hence the name), while the world of RAGE has been devastated by a comet smashing into Earth. While both would seriously mess up the planet, a comet wouldn’t leave all the radiation behind, making it more possible for life to continue after all the dust has settled.

    So yeah, they’re similar, but different enough for me.

  11. skull says:

    @Daniel: You are such a foolish idiot. Your last CAPITALIZED paragraph was poor beyond words. Basically, your argument is that ANY major accomplishment or inventive creation in the creation of video games DOES NOT entitle a developer/creator to ANY major accolades, respect or even a place of significance in history. And if I may extrapolate, are you also implying that Shakespeare nor Dali deserve any praise for their contribution to their respective fields? After all, Shakespeare’s writing was far from science fiction and it was only about what was happening in his day and/or entertainment for those in power and wealth. And Dali just drew a melting clock and strange objects suspended in desert settings. A bit unrealistic, but SOMEONE would have eventually done that, right? I know what you’re going to say, Dali’s creations were not like the original FPS games by iD, Wolf and DOOM. Oh, really? There were a lot of games about soldiers fighting f*cking monsters, zombies, and hell spawned demons in a hellish future where you control the hero from a first-person perspective with a ton of weaponry and weird blue heads that give you more health. Do you see where I’m going here? I hope so. If not, go tell your mom you think you might be special because the other internet peoples all make fun of you.

  12. Daniel says:

    also i.d software didn’t invent the fps Genre they just made it popular with DOOM because they appealed to the the dumb gamers of the world who couldn’t hack it playing rpg games due to lack of brain power.

  13. skull says:

    You can stop shoveling Daniel. You’ve already dug a hole big enough for you to never get out.

  14. ohhellno says:

    Daniel, you’re an idiot.

  15. Daniel says:

    thank you sir

    fortunately i do not rely on the opinion of internet idiots to tell me what i am about.

    so kindly in the words of bon jovi


  16. Dylan says:

    I agree. Looks very similar to Fallout 3. But that’s a good thing 😀

  17. NamelessTed says:

    Really? You are going to be retarded like everybody else and seemingly dismiss it because it looks like Fallout 3? You obviously aren’t very observant.

    The two games share one thing, post apocalypse, that is pretty much it. Fallout 3 has the complete 50s era art deco throughout the entire game and none of that will be in RAGE. RAGE has more of a western mixed with Chinese art style too it.

    The two games also use significantly different color palettes. As you should notice immediately, RAGE does not have green on everything.

  18. Solkard says:

    Dungeons & Dragons
    Ultima Online
    World of Warcraft
    Lord of the Rings

    It’s fine. You can’t copyright a genre.

  19. ohhellno says:

    Sorry, I think I might have gone a little overboard. If you could delete my post Al, I’d appreciate it.

  20. Fredric says:

    HAHAHAHA! These comments are so mutch fun to read! And I agree that Daniel has some to learn, I lol:d at the bon jovi quote! You go Daniel!
    Thanks to Tony for that info on P.k Dick. Whenever there is a new sci-fi movie or game out you can almost be certain that P.K Dick inspired it, or more likely was the first one to write about the ideas,the plot or the story in that game or whatever!

  21. Daffy says:

    I thought, bethesda bought id anyway, so would they really be that bothered?

  22. name says:

    ID did create the FPS genre.
    first with wolfenstine 3D, than with the doom series.
    ID are gods, they make the best games, they never have made a bad game and never will.
    their like valve but valve have gone greedy ID are still pure.
    they havent been tainted by that M$ infinite checkbook…………….. yet

  23. lady gigi says:

    Dude, of course there is a similarity. That was the point. Why can’t people disagree without taking things personal. The purpose of a blog is to provide news and create a community. Instead of sounding 22, you sounded 12. The best advice I can give you kid is to learn to disagree without taking things personal. Don’t hate cause the author is doing his job, getting you all to talk. I see this all the time in my blog, let’s attack the author. Learn how to debate…

  24. Jerry says:

    1: Rage has been in development way longer than Fallout 3 surfaced.

    2: The premise and scenery are similar, are you suggesting Fallout 3 was the first post apocalyptic scenario?

    3: The Gameplay in rage leaps bounds beyond what Fallout would be capable of.

    Whoever wrote this article is stupid.

  25. JTT says:

    I think we’re all forgetting about Wasteland? The game that inspired Tim Cain et al to develop Fallout 1.

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  27. HardAndSloppy says:

    This game looks like a cross between fallout 3 and motorstorm.dosent it?

  28. AgentSmith2518 says:

    Honestly I thought the video looked more like Doom 3, even the little crawling robot with a machine gun on it. I didn’t think it looked like fallout, mainly cause fallout’s apocalypse had a ton of ruined buildings, this one just looks like a bunch of desert slums (kind of like Tantooine actually).

  29. oddhouse says:

    i totally agree however i hope you are aware ID was just bought but the private equity firm (zenimax) that owns bethesda ?

  30. oddhouse says:


  31. franwex says:

    Well, they are owned by the same company…

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  33. Al Zamora says:

    @ Outrageous Mayo – welcome aboard and thanks for pointing out the obvious. well played all aorund.

  34. HardAndSloppy says:

    It also kind of looks like borderlands because of the vehichles. But it has way better graphics. I really hope that this game is going to be good.