Rage Novel Accompanying the Game

Bethesda Softworks, in conjunction with Del Rey Books, announced that their upcoming IP, Rage, will have a tie along novel when the game releases in September for the PS3, 360, and PC. The written publication itself will be released in North America and UK on August 30th. The book is titled “Rage” (convenient I know) and will be written by Matt Costello who also helped pen the story for the video game. The plot of the book goes deeper into the lore and world of what will be found in Rage (game).

Rage‘s premises is in some ways similar to the Fallout series but instead of a nuclear war, an asteroid leads to a post apocalyptic environment. Also instead of “Vaults”, Rage features “Arks” where the brightest and best humans were put into stasis deep beneath the Earth in hopes that man could continue its existence. Enter Lt. Nick Raine who emerges from his Ark and discovers all the wonders (sarcasm) of what a post apocalyptic adventure can bring (sarcasm again). Needless to say, a book based on a game that wins “Best of E3” awards is a must own in my mind.

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