Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Introduces Assassins, Mages, Cards

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Introduces Assassins, Mages, Cards

Gung Ho Online Entertainmentm just released a new batch of information, screenshots and artwork about the upcoming JRPG Ragnarok Online ACE, that will be released on August the 29th in Japan and at a later unspecified date in the west.

We get to learn more about Assassins, masters of speed and overwhelming damage and wielders of twin swords. They can learn five different ACE skills:

  • Surprise attack is a point blank area of effect attack that stuns all the enemies in range.
  • Back Road attacks the enemy while increasing avoidance.
  • Backstab is a powerful attack that deals more damage if it hits the back of an enemy.
  • Stick is a throwing attack that hits monsters in front of the character.
  • Soul Breaker is a powerful frontal attack that deals damage depending on the AP the character has accumulated. AP are reduced to 1 afterwards. 

On the other hand Mages are the perfect ranged damage dealers, but they’re extremely weak in close combat due to low defense. They have  a whopping seven ACE skills at their disposal.

  • Fireball: do I really need to explain this one?
  • Safety Coat creates a magical barrier that protects from damage, but its effect wanes over time as damage is taken.
  • Enhanced Aura temporarily increases the damage of staff skills.
  • Frost Wave is a point blank area of effect attack that deals frost damage.
  • Rapid Strike sends a hail of fire shots against the enemies as long as the button is pressed. The mage can move while it fires.
  • Teleport does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Crimson Rock requires a long casting time, but drops a huge and massive damage meteor on the enemies.

We also learn about the cards that can be used to strengthen our characters during gameplay in various ways and are indispensable to fight the most huge monsters. Monster Cards can be purchased or dropped by monsters, Clothing Cards are acquired by buying different clothes, Weapon Extraction Cards can be obtained by refining a weapon ten times.

Finally we also get to see two costumes that will be included only with the first print run of the game: the Kingdom Knight Leader uniform and the Princess Dress.

Below you can see a gallery showing Assassins, Mages, the new cards and their interface and both the costumes.